Welcome to Enlight Learning LLC., your one-stop-shop for e-learning strategy, development, and implementation!

We’re just getting started, but here’s a little bit about what we do. Please come back soon to see our new site, or contact us today to discuss your e-learning project – john@enlightlearning.com.

Instructional Design

Whether you’re trying to change a behavior, ensure compliance, or provide general education to teams or customers, let us help you design with purpose. Our instructional design experts will provide you with the most engaging and effective learning program to meet your goals.

E-Learning Development

We utilize a variety of cutting edge tools to create powerful, interactive e-Learning programs to engage every learner on any platform.

Instructional Video Production

Let us create a cinematic masterpiece to support your instructor-led and web-based training programs. 

Education Technology Consulting

Considering a LMS, but don’t know where to start? Do you have a LMS that you’re not fully utilizing? We can help! We can map your needs to LMS functionality to get the most out of your existing system, or guide you through the process of selecting and supporting your next LMS.

LMS Course Hosting

Do you need to launch and track an online program, but have a LMS? Do you need support for a short-term online learning initiative? We can create a custom, hosted LMS site to support an initiative of any size.