Thomas Jefferson Education focuses on the interests of the student and allows the child to develop and study areas of interest.
Charlotte Mason Education has a defined curriculum which will give the child the essentials but also allows them to discover on their own.
Classical Education is a structured curriculum which is logic based. It focuses on skills children need in an organized and structured manner.
Thomas Jefferson Education
Everyone that has children knows that they have opinions on what they like and what they don't. Children love presents and will spend hours looking at them and trying to guess what is under the wrapping. The curiosity kills them! What if learning was the same? What if they wanted to learn something so badly it killed them inside? That is the core of Thomas Jefferson Education and it is obtained through great mentors. The idea is that as the child sees a parent learning, they will emulate it. The children will guide their own education (with the help and guidance of great parents and mentors).
Thomas Jefferson Education has:

Inspire, Don't Require
We have found that this method is wonderful in that you allow your children to direct their education based on their interests. We have studied birds, rocks, clouds, maps, countries, wars, historical figures, dinosaurs and many other topics they have chosen and mixed in with the study I have added, math, reading, writing, spelling, art, field trips, science experiments, and many other core subjects. Oliver DeMille, the author of the book "A Thomas Jefferson Education," explains these keys in greater detail. We have found his book to be a great resource.

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