Dr. Glenn Latham - The Power of Positive Parenting
I like that his information is very positive and centered around science and research. His advice focuses on the parent and how we should act in circumstances of parenting. I know that I need a reality check every now and then about how I am acting with my children and his writings and insights help me analyze myself.

Nicholeen Peck - Teaching Self-Government
We have some very strong personalities in our family and at times I have struggled with what to do. Nicholeen Peck is wonderful in laying out a plan that organizes parenting into a self-governement that involves your children and is based on fairness and work. Where other systems have failed in my house, this one works!

Values Parenting: Richard and Linda Eyre
I have read a lot of the Eyre's books and I have mostly used their information in the teaching of values to my children. They have made the focus of their lives helping families and mothers in particular to become stronger. I would recommend them highly.

Dr. James Dobson
I have read a couple of his books and have enjoyed his perspectives.

Stand For The Family: Sharon Slater
I love what she is doing for the family on an international level and would recommend to everyone to get informed on the disastrous attacks on the family worldwide.

American Mothers, Inc.
American Mothers, Inc. is an interfaith, non-political, non-profit organization for women and men who recognize the important role of motherhood through educational programs and community outreach. It is also the organization responsible for annually selecting the National Mother of the Year® and Young Mother from candidates across the United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The Power of Moms
This website is very good encouragement for mothers and I have enjoyed the time I have spent reading the articles and searching it.