Fascinate and They Will Love Math
Math is a subject that is rich and deep. It is the communication of ideas and systems. If Math is taught in a manner in which children see the need and use of it, they will grasp it and love it. My husband, Lee, hated Math in School and University and loved Art and English (Writing). When he took his art to the level of animation and began learning the programs to build animated characters in 3D he needed Math and loved learning the Math and programming involved in the art he was creating. His mind opened to Math and what he once dreaded, he loved! We have tried to apply this principle to teaching Math to our children. We teach them Math in context of other "Living Books" as Charlotte Mason Education instructs. Our children have learned to love Math and often ask us to get them books so they can practice.

For an outline of "Core Standards" in Mathematics (as well as many other subjects) take a look at the Core Knowledge Series by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. But use these books and all others with care and do not get intimidated. Your child will learn and understand concepts as they go and as you work closely with them you will find the best way and time to introduce the concepts to them. The Thomas Jefferson Education method of education states, "Inspire, don't require." This in an invaluable idea when it comes to teaching our children Mathematics. Inspire them to learn the concepts and show them the enjoyment they can get from them and they will pressure you to help them with Math.