History Repeats, So Learn It
So often we try to tell our children not to do something detrimental to their lives which we have experienced and know what the outcome will be. How beneficial to have the experience of a lifetime to share with our children. If our personal history or experience is beneficial to them, how much is the collective experience of thousands of years and billions of people? What if you could instill the greatest lessons of our collective world into your children so they would be able to leap forward in wisdom and make ever better choices? The idea is fantastic, and real. You can. We all can and it is at our fingertips. Learn what real people did and their reasons. Learn how the decisions of people in history shaped nations, destroyed nations, helped people, killed people, created works of art and suppressed freedoms. It is all in history. History and an understanding of it gives a child grounding in life, lets them know their own roots and culture and opens their eyes to the wisdom gained through the collective experience of millions of people and thousands of years.

Where to Begin and What to Study
We have found that allowing our children to study areas which are of interest to them is the key to instruction that is retained. History has so many areas that we have found that "The Story of the World" by Susan Wise Bauer is an invaluable asset. Our children love to read from and listen to us read this book. When a certain time period, event or person strikes their attention, we can take the time to focus on that. General categories of history as starting points could be:

American History, African History, Ancient Civilizations, Art History, Asian History, Civil War, Classical History (Ancient Greece), European History, Explorers and Exploration, Oceanic History, Pre-Historic, Religion, Science and Technology, Space, South American History, Sports, Transportation History, War and Warfare, World History, World War I, World War II and many, many more...

Start somewhere and let their interest and curiosity guide you.