Start Down this Path and It is Hard to Turn Back!
Art is addicting and it should be. It is aesthetic and beauty. It is the expression of the soul. It is the power of ideas. It is creation. The Arts and the Humanities should be in every curriculum. When speaking of "The Arts" it is generally referring to three categories:
1 - Visual Arts which consists of (but not limited to) Painting, Drawing, Design, Architecture, Photography, Film and Animation,
2 - Performing Arts which consists of (but not limited to) Dance, Music, Singing and Vocals and Theater and,
3 - Art History which is the Humanities.
My husband, Lee, started down the path of the arts and has not turned back. It can be a hard road but his company, Sandman Studios, has now worked on many feature films and television shows as well as video games and internet sites. If your children have a desire for the arts, it can be one of the most fulfilling and wonderful things they can pursue. We have found many benefits as our children have done artistic projects, performed in small plays and made up dances, and as we have studied painters and musicians of the past. There is a deep wealth of enjoyment and passion that comes from a study of and participation in the Arts.

Creation Inspires and Captures Our Hearts
The Visual Arts have many practical uses in our society and for that reason alone, it is a worthy subject of study. Companies need to promote themselves and generally it involves some kind of Graphic Design to create their promotions. Buildings, homes and cities need to be constructed and it would be an absolute mess without architecture. Photography and media communicate ideas, give us news and allow us to see the world through the eyes of others around us and around the world. Film and Animation provide entertainment and are also very powerful in sending messages to the public. In the modern world the Visual Arts have grown. There is interactive multimedia which allows children to create digital art which has life to it and can be displayed on the internet. There are programs to create animations and children can build anything they can imagine. We can use art to open the minds of our children and they will create fascinating things which will benefit them as well as have the potential to benefit the whole world.

Take a look at the reels for Lee's company, Sandman Studios, which is a visual effects and animation studio (, and see what is possible for your children in the world of Visual Arts if they have a desire to move forward in this area as a profession. If you are interested in visiting Sandman with your children Contact Us:

Performance Enhances Everything
There is fantastic beauty in well-performed dance, in enchanting music, in singing that stirs your soul and in theatrical performances which show you part of yourself and enhance your vision of the world around you. At the same time the performing arts can assist greatly in the teaching and instructing of your children. Learning instruments is mathematical and involves motor skills which enhance many different aspects of a person's life. Dance and movement is both a physical education as well as memorization and reenactment. Theater involves creation and understanding of the play or act they are performing. We have used theater in the education of our children. As they perform events they are learning, they remember them better and they enjoy the learning. The Performing Arts can be used in all aspects of education. Be creative and have fun with it and who knows, perhaps your child could be performing in front of the President of the United States as Yo-Yo Ma did!
So Much to Learn and So Much to Share
History is filled with art. The first forms of writing (so far as we understand) were images. Creation and expression through creation is a part of the human soul. We are all attracted to beauty and with this attraction we create art. It is wonderful that we have so many resources to show our children. We can teach about Beethoven and Mozart, Monet and Michaelangelo, Asian art and modern Pop Art. The venues and opportunities are virtually limitless. An appreciation of the Humanities will strengthen your child's understanding of the history of the world and the people who have lived before them. Take the time to learn and teach the Humanities.