Use Your Time Wisely
We have the attention of our children for only a short time. Whether your children are in public school, charter school, private school or homeschool, they watch you and learn from your lifestyles and passions. The primary goal of this site is to provide tools to teach your children academics along with values and character. Our family has chosen to make learning a lifestyle and hope what we have learned can help you.

You Can Create a Learning Environment in Your Home
We built these bookshelves around our fireplace on a very low budget. Some wood, paint, screws and a drill borrowed from my brother-in-law transformed our bland family room into an environment that shows our children we value reading and great books! ...another great bonus is it gives me something to decorate and stare at when I need an uplift.
Learning can happen anywhere. Alright, some places are better than others. You can create the atmosphere for a love of learning in your home.
Reading is one of the best ways to keep your family together and to teach your children. Classics are classic because they are great books. See which ones have worked for us.
Enlight Live
Coming soon! You will be able to visually communicate with anyone across the world and expand your child's education as never before.
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